Our Trip to the Big City

Recently, I took a trip to New York City with my boyfriend and mom to see the sights and do all the touristy things. My aunt was placed as our tour guide the first day, and boy can she weave her way through the streets. It’s not a place for stragglers. The roads bellow and roar the sounds of the city — people moving, moving, moving. The first day was more of a preliminary wonder. Getting a slice of pizza at the train station and going to a popular comic book shop where Spider-Man was staring back at us was a must (my boyfriend’s requests were quite simple). Wandering down the streets masked by Broadway plays and performances or getting swooned by tour guides who were more than persistent was our current state.

We hopped on the train with our goodies in hand (a few snacks from Jack’s and New York apparel) and were greeted by the pleasant smell of scrumptious ethnic fish and plantains (my uncle can throw down). All tired from a long day before us, we tucked into bed and awaited our adventures that lay ahead — after staying up meandering for a while, of course.

The next day we had a plan — Empire State Building and Central Park. We took the scenic route and walked from 32nd to 59th and saw many sights along the way. It’s safe to say we got a workout in. We saw more than we expected just by exploring the city’s sights. New York Public Library, NBA store, 4-story H&M, Rockefeller Center, Saint Thomas Church were for sure an additive as we walked the busy streets — I don’t use that word lightly.

Going to New York has, for sure, taught me that I don’t like fast-paced reality entirely. Needless to say, getting back home was a relief. I could breathe in the fresh suburban air due to the lack of cigarette smoke and food carts that gave off an unpleasant odor. Movies and television shows can’t describe it. You truly have to see it for yourself, but I’ll just let the snaps I got along the way speak for themselves.


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