I’m Blessed

I found myself complaining. The cold air and wet sky more than sprinkled over bystanders. Why didn’t I wear rain boots? I’m so stupid. If these people don’t get out of my way?! Everything was crowded, slow moving and unfortunate. Everything was wrong. I was wet, delirious and over it.

I walked down the road and passed by a homeless man, expecting the usual sad tone and shaking of coins. He smiled and said hello. I saw this man on the daily, and he always looked sad. I never really payed much attention.

Though this time, something struck me. A man who has little next to nothing, smiled.

Guilt swarmed over. I would like to say I gave him money or conversation, but I was blindsided and needed to catch the next bus. I offered a subtle grin and continued down my path. I was annoyed with myself because here I was complaining about getting wet and a little less sleep when this man has it far worse.

I needed a wake-up call, a reality check — and I definitely got it. There’s nothing like being put back to earth. There’s nothing like stand face-to-face with all of life’s blessings. I take the food that I have for granted when I say there’s nothing to eat in the house. I’m sure that man wouldn’t mind eating a sandwich. I take the clothes that I own for granted when I say I have nothing to wear. I’m sure that man wouldn’t mind an old jacket. I take the car I own for granted when I have to sit in an auto shop for hours to get a set of new tires. I’m sure that man wouldn’t mind doing that because he would be thankful that he had a car.

None of these blessings have to exist in my life, but God has given them to me. I could easily be in the same predicament as this man I encountered on my journey to work, but I haven’t — and that is something to be thankful for.

2015-01-09 16.37.57


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