Spring Clean With Me: Wardrobe Edition

Spring is just beyond the horizon, and I’m sincerely thankful for it. I don’t know about you, but I’m over the cold weather. Once the holidays ended, I was ready to kiss the cold goodbye. But now that spring is on the cusp of arriving, the first thing on my agenda is spring cleaning.

And where have I chosen to begin?

My wardrobe.DSC_2799 (2)I consider myself to be a pretty organized person, but my wardrobe needed a little help. Since it’s still chilly out, I haven’t reshuffled my apparel completely, but I wanted to organize and get my apparel in the best state that I possibly could for now.

But first off, there are a couple of things that I have continued to implement:

Tip #1: Store away clothes that are not for that particular season.

A lot of my clothes overlap throughout the seasons, but there are those items that are obviously summer and obviously winter. By putting away the clothes you aren’t gravitating towards for that time period, you make sure that you are making the most of the space that you have.

Tip #2: Stand your clothes up in your drawers.DSC_2806 (2)This is something that I just recently started doing, and it’s a serious game changer. Instead of laying your clothes on top of each other in your drawers where you can easily forget about what you own, try placing your clothes vertically. By doing this, you will be able to see everything that you own and wear those clothes that you forgot even existed. After implementing this simple change, I freed up a lot of drawer room that I wouldn’t have otherwise had.DSC_2808 (2)Tip #3: Sort clothes in your closet by section.

When putting clothes into your closet, it’s important to sort things into categories. You can put dresses in one area and all your pants in another area. This way, you can easily navigate through your items. Some people even take it a step further and color coordinate, but I don’t hold myself to that.

Bonus tip: Buy thin hangers to save on space.DSC_2789 (2)So now that I had a few things that I wanted to continue to do, it was time to get organized. My drawers and the main part of my closet were okay, so my focus was on two particular things.

The first was my night clothes.DSC_2732 (2)I have a ton of night clothes, and I wanted to scale them down. I went through them and put together a keep and give-away pile. In the end, I liked how organized and efficient my night clothes area became.DSC_2749 (2)The second thing that took a little longer to tackle was the top of my closet where I store miscellaneous items.DSC_2786 (2)I have scarfs and hats and my tripod and many other things that didn’t really have much functionally. I decided to go through my hats, scarves and gloves and get rid of and organize them in a way that made them easier to locate.DSC_2774 (2)Instead of putting them in a plastic container with a lid, I used an open fabric bin to store my warm essentials. I rejigged the top of my closet and only kept the things that I needed. I think the result looks much better.DSC_2811 (2)There are many other things that I will eventually go through and organize, but this round of spring cleaning was definitely a success and has made getting ready in the morning just that bit more easy.


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