Are You Alive Or Are You Living?

When you’re alive, you wake up. God grants you a brand new day. The air hasn’t left your lungs, and somehow, someway, you’re here.

When you’re alive, you’re introduced to different walks of life and different cultures. Simply put — you’re surrounded by various groups of people.

When you’re alive, you are blessed because you’re not among those who have passed away from this earth.

But there’s a difference between being alive and living.DSC_0480
Living means not letting the world dictate who you are. But choosing to grow into your destiny. Choosing to fight for your dreams.

Living is the opposite of refraining from doing things that scare you. In fact,
living means that you take risks.

But you’ll never be fulfilled if you stay within the realm of the easy. And when your time on earth comes to a close, you don’t want to look back and say that you were too scared to chase and run and soar after your dreams.

Stop just being alive. Stop just existing. Live life as if today is your last. Live life appreciating every single moment. Take in every inkling of life, and don’t let anybody or anything stop you from truly living.

Hundreds and hundreds of moments make up our lives, and if we don’t pay attention, many of them will just as easily pass us by.

This is your life.  This is your chance. This is your moment. 


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