The Greatest Gift Of All

I want all the money and all the fame. I world says I need it, so give me everything.

Give me the riches and the glory. I want everyone to know my story.

I don’t want to cultivate the people around me because they have what I don’t. I’d rather sulk and envy and cry about it because those are the things that I want.

My child, I’m here, but I need you to understand. I have the master plan.

Just listen to me, and do not be alarmed. You think you need those things, but you are wrong.

There’s great things in store for you if you have faith and believe. I am the Father. I know exactly what you need.

My child, my child, where have you gone? Please speak to me and let me know what’s going on?

Hi, God. I’m fine. My life has been busy. I’ll check back in when things are little more low key.

My child, my child. I do not understand. I have stuck by you through thick and thin.

I have fought for you. I sent my only son. I let him die a gruesome death just so that you could have one.

You have gone astray and listened to the desires of your flesh, but I will be right here until your coming death.

I’m good, God, but I’m not going to front. It was nice talking to you, but I have everything I want. I don’t need you. I only need myself. Go ahead and find somebody else.


God, I didn’t listen to you, and many times, I cursed your name. I know I don’t deserve it, but please forgive me.

I gained everything I wanted, but I still feel a whole deep inside of me. I was wrong. You are truly the only thing I need.

My child, I have always been here. I will never go away. I love you so much which is why I give you grace.


God loves us so much that He sent His only son to die for you and me. I wrote this poem because there is someone out there who has given up on God for whatever reason.

You want what you want, and because God isn’t giving it to you, you find it pointless to continue your walk with Him.

Though, you’ve failed to consider that there’s a much bigger picture than what you’re seeing.

I have struggled with this in my personal life, but what I continue to hold onto is that fact that God has never failed me.

Not even once.

And if God has never failed me before, He won’t fail me now.


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