Life & All Things Home Decor

Saying the past few months have been eventful would be an understatement.


It can pass you by so quickly. Fall isn’t here just yet, but advertisers are already flooding my social media feeds with talk of the upcoming season. I will admit, I am excited to watch all my favorite harvest flicks – but that clock. That clock is ticking!

So, life. Well, it’s going. More on that in months to come. Just know I am praying hard for one thing in particular, which has been the main reason for such a long hiatus in blogger land. But I hope to bring more content in the coming weeks as best as I can.

Today, let’s keep things light and talk about some Dollar Tree decor I recently found. I always get so excited when I find a bargain, and these are definitely some steals.

I found several items that go with our beachy aesthetic, including another one of these ocean canvases. I can’t get over how nice they look for such an affordable price. And the one shown in the below photo is a tad different from the one I previously snagged.

I also found a few other accent pieces that would look great mixed into a wall collage or just propped up.

Last but not least, I grabbed a few frames because Dollar Tree is a perfect place to get unique affordable frames.

Stay tuned for an upcoming DIY that’s going to blow your mind!


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