Highlights Of My Fall Wardrobe

I wanted to wait a little while before I pulled out the items I know I will gravitate towards during the fall because, well, Maryland weather is all over the place.

Though, the crisp air of this morning and the slightly warmer, yet breezy air of this afternoon gave me all kind of fall vibes. I also saw a girl on the metro with some suede, dark floral boots, and I knew what I needed to do.

I came straight home and did a quick rejigging of my wardrobe to keep my fall faves in clear view.

I pulled out both of my leopard-print boots – because they’re staples around these parts – and my classic black leather boots.

I know most people will say that it’s too early for thermals, but you never know what the day may bring. This forest green one is nice to wear with a light jacket on those colder fall days.

Speaking of jackets, this pleather/ sweater jacket is perfect for fall. It provides good warmth without being overly snugly.

Though, if I do feel like wrapping up in a blanket but I still have to go out, I’ll have this fuzzy grey cardigan that can act as a great layering piece.

I paired it with this thick leopard-print t-shirt that’s also one of my staple layering pieces, as is this thin black shirt.

This orange long-sleeve shirt and scarf are the epitome of the colors of this season, so they had to be in this.

Last but certainly not least, everyone needs a flannel. This one is slightly longer than a shirt, so I like to casually wear it with leggings and boots.

What are some of your fall fashion highlights?


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