My First Time Wearing Overalls And How I Styled Them

If you haven’t already noticed, fashion recycles. Trends of the past are brought back with a unique twist and rebranded for consumers. We find this true in other forms as well, including food and film. Sometimes this is done tastefully as a nod to the past, and other times, we wonder why anyone would ever think it was a good idea to bring certain things back in the first place.

So, I thought it would be fun to create a segment where I test out old fashion, films, food and the like rebranded as new and give it my seal of approval or a solid pass. Of course, my opinion is just that, so don’t fret if there’s something I dislike that you love.

I’m going to be real with you. I never thought there would come a day when I would purchase overalls. That’s not to say that I find them repulsive or anything. I just never thought they were personally for me. When I was younger, my perception of overalls was that farmers wore them, much like my grandfather. Though, it wasn’t until further research that I realized that overalls weren’t just for farmers. Overalls originated as workwear for those with low-status jobs.

It has come full circle as I have gotten older, though. Now, overalls serve both a utilitarian purpose and a fashion statement. And this isn’t just in recent years. Some of my favorite stars wore overalls, including Will Smith in the “Fresh Prince of Belair” and Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen in “Full House.”

So, let’s get into the consensus, shall we!DSC_5660.JPG
I contemplated purchasing these all-black overalls for quite some time before I finally caved. I’m glad I did. The fact that they are black makes them wearable, and they fit snug on my body just like a normal part of my everyday uniform – skinny jeans. They’re also surprisingly easy to style. DSC_5678.JPG
I’m excited to play around with these more in the coming months.


Photography by Chris Sayles

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