In A Busy World

The only thing that I can think about as of late is everything. My mind is tumbling and souring with a million trillion things that it’s hard to sit down and write, let alone reflect. It’s hard when life tells you to keep up when you feel as though you’re at full capacity. Things begin to fall to the wayside and you find yourself stressed, anxiety-filled and tired.DSC_4236Though, I have to remind myself that God has me where He wants me to be and I don’t have to handle everything on my own – or all at once. Because, let’s face it, we may have a million things on our checklist, but oftentimes, we don’t move through it one step at a time. We jumble everything up all at once until we feel trapped in a corner, holding on for dear life.

So, for all of you Type A people out there that are up to your knees in tasks, BREATHE. God will not give you more than you can handle. He’s got you. And He’s got this!


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