Monday Motivation: Through Heaven’s Eyes

Through the eyes of the world, expectations are forming all around you. Everyone’s trying to “make it,” and you’re waiting in line for your big break. And no matter how successful you become, you still feel like you’re miles away from where you’re supposed to be.

Through heaven’s eyes, everything’s different.

A change happens inside of you when you accept Jesus into your heart. You have trials and tribulations like anyone else, but your perception of life & the world around you changes.

Through heaven’s eyes, we have so much potential. In fact, God has a laid out planned for us all to “give us hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11). He’s concerned with us as an individual and not how we compare to others. God is a prime supporter of broken people.

So press on this race called life knowing that the God of heaven and earth is on your side.


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