Christmas Dollar Tree Decor of 2019

As far as seasonal decor is concerned, the Dollar Tree’s got you covered. In fact, it’s one of the best and most affordable places you can go to decorate your home throughout the year.

I know many people don’t like to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but heed my advice and shop before then. Everyone shops for their Christmas tidbits after Thanksgiving, so you can’t guarantee you’ll get a good picking if you wait until then.

Plus, there’s less people in the stores, and the shopping experience is much more pleasant.

Alright, now that the preliminaries are discussed, let’s get into some great Dollar Tree decor finds this 2019 season.DSC_7410I picked up these two stockings for my husband and I, but there were a ton of options. I plan on personalizing these with our names.DSC_7413They had a ton of little houses, but I just picked up this post office. I also got some fake foliage and a decor sign for an upcoming Christmas DIY (stay tuned!) as well as some decorative bows for our Christmas tree. DSC_7416Let me just say, this year is a big win for ornaments. There’s so many to choose from. This doesn’t even scratch the surface. DSC_7442I also picked up some garland and some little ornaments that mesh really well with our home decor. I plan on doing another Christmas DIY with these as well, so you have a lot of holiday content to look forward to.DSC_7440And I know this is a decor post, but let me just tell you, the dollar store is where it’s at for all things gift wrapping.

I know, I know, it’s early. I promise, you’ll thank me later.


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