Think Creative: Change, Change, Change

I want to flex my creative writing muscles again, and what better way to do that than to practice writing stories? And so, Think Creative was born. This series will feature fictional stories of 300 words or less.  

Here’s the first one:

Yet again, I have to go to a new school in a new town with new people I don’t know. I just want something familiar for a change. My dad tells me this is the last job of his we’ll have to move for, but he said the same thing when we moved to New York City and Los Angeles.

I was perfectly content with Virginia. I had friends, a boyfriend and a social life. But then my dad got a call about a higher paying job, and we moved. And my attempt to make friends in New York and LA was a complete fail. Everyone already had their clicks, and I didn’t fit into any of them.

To make matters worse, my boyfriend, Jay, of six months broke up with me over the phone the day before I moved to New York.

“Pria, this long-distance thing isn’t going to work out,” he said.

“Yeah. I guess not,” is all I said before I abruptly clicked the end button.

And a week later, I noticed that he no longer popped up on my Facebook timeline.

I checked his Facebook page to find out that not only did he unfriend me, but he also had a new girlfriend, Mia Lillard. The same Mia Lillard who took every chance she could at hitting on him when I wasn’t around. I confronted Jay about the rumors of her constant flirting, but he always said the same thing.

“Honey, I only have eyes for you.”

“LIAR!!!” I screamed as I threw my phone across my cramped New York room, cars bustling right outside my window.

The truth hurt – stung.

Because everything about him, right down to his sweet kisses and pure smile, were all lies. And it took a broken heart to find out.



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