Apartment Living: Dollar Tree Kitchen Organization

I can get lost in a sea of YouTube organization videos, particularly Dollar Tree organization. I just love it so much because you can turn a space from being cluttered to pristine without breaking the bank. I’ve mentioned before how useful the Dollar Tree is for gift wrap products and decor, but one of the main things I go to the Dollar Tree for is organization items. So, I want to share how I revamped our kitchen while also highlighting some handy organization products.

One thing that you will notice that I did not get from the Dollar Tree is shelf liner that I put inside of the cabinets. The Dollar Tree does sell shelf liner, but buying a few larger packs from Walmart seemed like an easier and likely more affordable option.


The main thing that I wanted to do above was find an effective way to organize our seasoning and baking products, such as flour, sugar and brown sugar. I was able to find these 2 quart cylindrical containers for my baking products, which was a complete steal since containers for flour and such on sites like Amazon are much more expensive. For the seasonings, I opted for a rectangular plastic basket that I can easily grab from or pull out. One other thing I did was tidy up our drawer with all of our cooking utensils by putting a few of them in a tall, thin plastic container that I already owned on the counter.


Once of the messiest areas in our kitchen was where we keep our food containers. So, I got these cute bins to store the tops and lids of miscellaneous containers. This has made it 10 times easier to access everything in the above cabinet. By the way, the white shelf that I used to organize the mugs is also from the Dollar Tree.


The cabinet where we store all of our pots and pans just needed to be rearranged. I used this plate organizer that the Dollar Tree sells to store frying pans. Moving it up to the top shelf makes it a lot easier to access.


Our pantry was another area that needed to be rearranged. I picked up a few more organizers from the Dollar Tree to make our pantry more functional, including these handy green stacking bins.

I hope my kitchen organization inspires you. My biggest tip is finding practical ways to organize that will stand the test of time. 


4 thoughts on “Apartment Living: Dollar Tree Kitchen Organization

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post today and the photos as well. I love Dollar Tree – may favorite place to shop for gift packaging items, too. We even buy grocery items there – and I use their storage containers in my art studio for organizing my supplies; my CD’s and digital cartridges for my NLS books, and in my kitchen. I also use them for my spices. I have 2 for spices – one is for A-K items, the other for L-Z items – in my kitchen cupboard. Bathroom is a great place for the storage containers, too. This is a terrific post – and thank you for sharing your ideas.

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