Imposter or Storyteller?

It’s crazy how you could be treading mud trying to make your way through a scene and feel like it isn’t that great. Then, time goes by, and you realize it’s surprisingly good when you go back to read it. That’s how imposter syndrome works. It’s like the waves – a constant ebb and flow.

Admittedly, I’m well past the timeline I had for myself, but that’s okay. I would rather take my time and make the story flow than rush it and have more work to do in the editing process. Currently, I’m 58,000 words in and really close to the third act. My hope is to be done with the book at about 65,000 words.

But I will say, I’m loving this story. I have my moments where I wonder if it’s good, but that thought goes away after I read the first few chapters. This story is real, immersive and fun. And I love where it’s at. I can’t wait until it’s done, but I’m learning to appreciate the process and enjoy the art of storytelling.

Besides, that’s what being an author is about.

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