Two Spring DIYs for $12? Absolutely!

Spring has sprung! Just like spring cleaning, the spring décor itch makes its way in around this time every year. So, what better way to welcome the new season in than with some affordable DIYs using Dollar Tree items?!

For this first DIY, I used:

1 floral foam

an assortment of flowers

an assortment of greenery

1 wired jute cord

1 floral tape (already had)

1 hot glue gun w/ glue sticks (already had)

1 scissors (already had)

1 wire cutter (already had)

I recommend covering the floral foam with floral tape before doing anything else. I ended up doing this at the end, and it turned out fine. However, I think it would’ve been easier if I did it from the start. Regardless, I removed the dark green leaves from their stems until I had a pile of them, and I glued the leaves on both sides of the floral foam. I arranged the florals and other greenery on one side of the wreath until I liked the overall design. Lastly, I put the wired jute around the top of the wreath to hang it.

This is how it looks on our front door. I’ve never made a spring wreath before, so I’m thrilled with how my first attempt turned out!

The second DIY isn’t much of a DIY at all, but it looks great on our living room table.

I put the remaining florals and greenery in a vase I already had from Dollar Tree. Then, I hid the stems by loosely wrapping them in some burlap I also already had. And that’s it. It’s super simple to recreate.

I hope both of these DIYs give you some inspiration for all of your décor needs this spring! And if you’re anything like me, you’ll keep them around for the summer too!


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