Affordable DIY No Sew Pillow

I love a good DIY as much as the next person, but the one thing about DIYs is they can be time consuming. Lucky for me, I found a way to bring new life to a couple old pillows without breaking the bank or exerting too much energy.

To make a no sew pillow, you’ll need:

1 pillow insert in the size of your choice

1 fabric of your choosing


1 hot glue gun w/ glue sticks

ribbon (optional)

Besides the pillows I already had and the mini hot glue gun I previously spent less than $5 for at Michaels, I got all of the materials from Dollar Tree.

Once I wrapped the pillow in felt to cover the previous design (skip this step if you use a pillow insert instead of an old pillow), I cut the fabric down to size. Leave an inch or so of additional fabric around the entire pillow so there’s enough room to glue.

Make sure the fabric is inside out when you glue the sides down, leaving one of the four sides open. Once the glue dries, flip the fabric inside out and shimmy the pillow into the fabric. Tuck the remaining fabric in, and glue it down until all the fabric is adhered to the pillow. The last step is completely optional, but I added a bow to the pillow as an accent. I decided to cover the other pillow I had with a different design as well.

And there you have a simple, affordable pillow that will be a great addition to your home!


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