How I Wrote My Young Adult Novel

On June 28th, I didn’t know what I had envisioned being a short story would turn into my second novel. After I fell in love with my main characters, I knew that the story must continue.

And it did.

I planned to discovery write along the way and learn more about my characters as time went on. I also wanted to have a clear grasp on the story and go into it with the best foot forward. So, I spent time researching about and creating an outline.

I had so much fun writing this story, but it was not an easy feat. So, I was grateful that I had an outline to look back at and tweak when I got stumped.

And that was the best decision I could’ve made because on May 28th, I completed the first draft of my Young Adult Contemporary novel at over 72,000 words. This means that in just 11 months, I wrote a novel that I am astronomically proud of.

My down time of taking a break after writing the book is coming to a close. Time to roll up my sleeves and get editing (the true work)!


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